Current Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Dr Jeff Dalton
Chancellor’s Fellow/Reader (Associate Professor)
His main research interests focus on the intersection of natural language understanding and information seeking for complex tasks.


Shubham Chatterjee
He works on several research areas within IR, such as Neural Entity Extraction, Text Understanding, Conversational IR, Knowledge Graphs and Representation Learning. His goal is to design intelligent search systems that can provide complete answers to complex user information needs, rather than just a list of results. Prior completed his Ph.D. with Dr. Laura Dietz at the University of New Hampshire, USA.

PhD Students

Carlos Gemmell
Develops new machine learning methods to deepen human-machine collaboration by breaking down structured tasks like programming into a conversation.

Yola Jones (joint with MVLS)
Develops machine learning to predict those at risk of sudden death and other catastrophic events using electronic health records and focusing on cardiovascular disease.

Iain Mackie
Develops new methods based on deep learning for information extraction and knowledge-centric ranking tasks.

Paul Owoicho
Studies the use of mixed-initiative and feedback for open-domain Conversational Information Seeking.

Federico Rossetto
Develops new methods for Music Representation Learning and Conditional Conversation Generation.

Sophie Fischer
She focusses on multi-modal representation learning in a conversational setting to allow tasks like Visual Question Answering.

Francesco Dalla Serra (joint with Canon & Dr Deligianni)
Develops multi-modal visual question answering for medical applications as part of his industrial PhD in conjunction with Canon Medical.

Research Assistants

Alessandro Speggiorin
Develops a framework for knowledge-grounded data collection to train deep learning models for conversational QA, information extraction and knowledge grounded reasoning.

Academic Collaborators

Past Lab Members