Alexa TaskBot Challenge

We’re excited to announced that GRILL is one of ten teams selected to compete in the first Alexa Taskbot Challenge, read Amazon’s official announcement. GRILL will be going head-to-head against nine of the leading AI research groups around the world to help you solve complex tasks in the kitchen and around your house.

You can also read about it in the University of Glasgow news: UofG students turn up the heat on Conversational AI.

The team’s leader, Carlos Gemmell, says: “We’re thrilled to begin work on the Alexa Taskbot project. The project aims to develop new conversational question answering technology specialized for complex tasks using state-of-the-art neural deep learning models. Having access to Alexa users around the world will allow us to receive real-time feedback and help us to make it an invaluable task assistant.”

The Alexa prize GRILL team consists of School of Computing Science graduate students Sophie Fischer, Carlos Gemmell, Iain Mackie, Paul Owoicho, and Federico Rossetto. Dr. Jeff Dalton is the team’s faculty advisor.

We’re excited to take the latest cutting edge research in multi-modal deep learning and language understanding out of the lab and into your kitchen, coming October 2021.

The GRILL research lab (independent from Alexa team) has multiple open funded PhD and Postdoc opportunities for researchers in neural models for conversational AI. Please reach out.